In just about every person’s life, there will come a time when you find yourself on a soapbox, or maybe even going toe to toe with someone over a cause. For me, that cause is childhood cancer research. You see, it is something I have always been passionate about but even more so now that I have been personally touched by it. One of my very best friend’s 9 year old boy is now in remission from a very rare, very deadly form of cancer. He is tough and this disease never got him down.  Also, my cousin, a 10 year old, is fighting leukemia for the second time (originally being diagnosed when he was 5). He has been fighting this horrible disease for half of his life. He is currently being treated and is expected to go back into remission. Thankfully, both boys have had excellent teams who have tried all kinds of methods to treat them.

This brings me to my stance. Did you know that of all federal funding for cancer, only 4 percent goes to the research for childhood cancer? That less than 10 new treatments have been developed to treat children with cancer since the 80s? An that many times, the treatment used to treat these kids is the same treatment used on adults? (Sometimes even the same treatment used on adults years ago!) Often times, when a new medicine is discovered that will help treat children with cancer, it will help adults. SO, naturally, the money for funding this medication goes to adult cancer research…tell me how that makes any sense? It doesn’t.

Now, I am not one to call out “Big Pharma” all the time, but when it comes to cancer treatment, sickness equals profit to them. I was told by my friend that, on average, each stay in the hospital for their son has cost $40,000. $40,000!!! He, like most kids going through treatment, was in and out of the hospital for the past year. This also goes into research. Many pharmaceutical companies will help fund cancer research for adults, but not children as it is not as profitable for them. Its a sad reality.

My point to this post is to hopefully bring awareness to this issue. If anything, shed a little light on the issue so that you may tell ten people who tell ten people and eventually enough people are on board that something is done to help raise that percentage.