So, for this post I am going to show you a little bit of what I do. I have posted below some of my favorite pieces to date.  hope you enjoy!


This piece was actually done just after I graduated high school. Even though it’s a few years old (More than I care to admit!) it remains one of my favorites. I used pastels on the flowers and charcoal on the Fleur De Lis.


This piece is actually in the kiln as we speak! I took this picture before it was fired, and have since added a glaze to the book cover and flowers as well. Once finished, the book itself will be a deep blue, and the ribbon will be a lighter shade of blue. It is a self portrait done in clay. The roses represent my two daughters, the pocket watch is set to the time my son was born, the A is for April (The month I was married), and the chess piece represents my husband.

Lastly, this anchor. I often challenge myself artistically using different mediums. For this piece, I used a technique called paper quilling. Each strip is only about 1/8″ wide and I use small tools to curl and shape them how I want. This piece contains at least 100 different strips of quilled shapes placed together to make the anchor shape. to secure them to the backing, I use glue. If you have a knack for tedious work and can sit for hours, this is the hobby for you!

I hope you have enjoyed my work!