So every artist has a muse, and most use other artists work as an inspiration for their own. So, here are three of my favorites!


The first artist is Albrecht Durer. This piece is titled “Melencolia i” He has always been an inspiration for me. With his intricate work and hidden symbolism, it’s easy to see why. Albrecht makes prints come to life with his attention to even the tinniest detail. I tend to fall into the realism category, and I think this has something to do with why his work calls to me.

the swingThis painting, titled “The Swing”, is by Jean Honore. I love this artist’s use of color. This piece is from the Rococo period, which is (so far) my favorite when it comes to artwork. They really utilized color and light to create a rich, meed setting image.


If you can’t already tell, I love moody, richly colored pieces. This painting, “Romantic Landscape with Ruined tower” by the artist Thomas Cole shows that we can successfully create depth by using color scheme and value. I love the sky and how it looks like a storm has just cleared up with the sun shining through the clouds.

Well, there are so many more to list, but these were the first images to come to mind!